vote for me as admin the one who never causes trouble lol

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vote for me as admin the one who never causes trouble lol

Post  hussler on Fri Apr 17, 2009 12:57 pm

the reason i think i should be a admin is because

I go on really early in the moring when no one is ever one

I stay on till 5 in the morning just incase no one is causing trouble

I make good friends with new comers

I also keep peace between players

I am a truthfull person and i never lie

I played on this server for about 3mounths and i know all the basic rules

I could get many people to start playing on this server easily

I am a really nice person and a peaceful one

I will help out any one who needs help with anything on the server

I got 2 people to play this server their names a septix and devil

I go by the rules and never disobay them

I could have a drop party like every sunday or saturday to make people wanting to play this server more and not quit.

you could email me at or if you have a yahoo my name is

i made a vid and i am going to make a pk vid

im 14 years old

ive been co owner on many other servers and i own a server atm and many ppl like me for the things i do and i get alot of respect on all the other servers i play on

my name is yousif im iownzu cuzin told him abt dis server and if u don't believe me tell him

I like snowboarding and skating alot i also play runescape my name is mean abe242 affraid affraid cheers cheers Very Happy Sad Sad Shocked Surprised Laughing Razz Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes Wink Idea Exclamation Arrow Neutral What a Face Like a Star @ heaven Suspect I love you No clown cyclops @ pirat tongue silent cat alien pale monkey pig rabbit confused bounce Basketball cheers sunny Sleep drunken albino cherry santa rendeer farao jocolor queen king geek scratch study flower elephant lol! afro
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