Must Read (New Moderator System)

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Must Read (New Moderator System)

Post  MAULME on Sun Mar 08, 2009 12:05 am

From now on we will not be replying to your moderator applications.
Yes we still want you to post them but we will be replying to you in a private message.

This way no one gets offended by what the Admin (charlie or myself) says to whoever.

In A private message you will recieve 1 of these 3 following messages.

1. You have been accepted to join the ranks of staff we hope that you will be a loyal and trustworthy Moderator/Admin by time you have read this message you will be either being made Moderator/Admin or already have been.

2. You are currently being considerd for a Moderator/Admin Position we will contact you the moment that we decide weather you are chosen or are declined. Please dont not take answer to seriously.

3. We are sorry to say that you have been declined by are staff and you will not be made Moderator/Admin but that doesnt mean you should stop playing or stop trying to be Moderator/Admin maybe someday you will get it. Please don't take this letter to Harshley.


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