Flyleaf wants to be a mod

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Flyleaf wants to be a mod

Post  flyleaf on Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:09 pm

I love this private server and i think it has great potential...and i want to be a bigger part of it.
Iv'e had some experience with private servers, specifically silab servers.
I like helping people out.
I get along with anyone.
im a gret advertiser.
I know several mods in runescape and charliepkz

my name is Soren Swanson
Im 15 years old.
I like to play around with stick figure animation (like pivot)
I am physically active (football, soccer, polevault)
I live in Texas. Very Happy

Please let me advance my place in the charlie community!!!!!

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!! Very Happy


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