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Post  bye bye on Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:22 pm

i would like to become a moderator as i feel i am very fair and follow all the rules of

i have been moderator/admin/co on many other servers and i have much experience. if promoted to admin i can also stop people from crashing/hacking the server and can help with some updates if needed.

i played runescape since it started having several accs. my first acc i got to lvl 126 on rs classic which wouldn't work when the released the newer version of runescape. my next acc i made got banned as i finally reached cb 126 agen and offered to make someone a member. i didnt ask for their password or anything i was just goin to tell them the code for membership.

if you promote me to admin/moderator i will keep the rules in line and help whoever needs/asks for it and make sure everyone has a good time.

i am online every night from about 4:30pm until about 9:00pm so there will be 5 hours of me online helping everyone that needs it.

i can also help out with forums if need be as i have created a forum previously for another server which has now been closed.
thanks again
Admin ftw

bye bye

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